Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Dalia Almond Kheer
Dalia Almond Kheer

Dalia also known as Bulgar/ Cracked wheat / Broken Wheat. Its not a refined wheat and so very nutritious and highly rich in protein and fibre. Today I am going to share a recipe of Dalia Kheer which my 4 year old son loves having for breakfast. To make it more healthier for him I also add some powdered almonds to it. I do this because my son does not like almond pieces coming in his mouth.

Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fibre, protein and vitamin E. So our today's recipe is a combination of all healthy ingredients. And yes, not to forget I make dalia almond kheer in pure desi ghee.

There are various types of dalia available in market depending upon the size of its grannules. I use the kesari dalia (smallest grannules). Its just because my son loves it. You can use any of its variety.

So let us begin with the Ingredients first:

1/4 cup Dalia

1/2 litre Milk

2 tbsp Sugar

2 tbsp Powdered Almonds

2 tbsp Pure Desi Ghee

1 Cup Water


Heat 2 tbsp desi ghee in a pan. Then add the 1/4 cup of dalia to it. Mix well.

Stir continuously and cook on medium flame till it turns light brown.

Then add 1/2 cup of water to it followed by the powdered almonds. Stir well.

Let it simmer till the water is soaked by the dalia.

Then add milk to it.

Let it cook on medium flame till you get the desired consistency.

Garnish with almonds and serve hot.

Do make this nutritious Dalia Almond Kheer for your kids and they are going to love it for sure. My son started having it since he turned one and is still very fond of this Dalia Almond Kheer.

Do not forget to share your experiences and suggestions via comments.

Dalia Almond Kheer
Dalia Almond Kheer

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