Wednesday, March 22, 2017

 I always find some unique ways to present my dish. As I believe that a good presentation can make a very simple dish look amazing and outstanding. My today's recipe is based on the same belief. The Custard And Jelly, its a very simple dessert made and loved by almost everyone. One can make it healthier by adding in some mixed fruits.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Custard Jelly Recipe

A very easy recipe with a unique presentation.  If you are using unflavored custard then add in some vanilla essence. Lets begin with the recipe starting with the ingredients


1/2 litre Milk

2 tbsp  Custard Powder

2 tbsp Sugar

Jelly one packet 90 gms

1/2 cup chopped mixed fruits


Firstly make half the packet of jelly as mentioned on its box. Pour in the dessert bowls to form a layer as shown in the pic below. Keep it at room temperature to set.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Form a jelly layer

Take custard powder in a bowl and mix some milk in it. Mix it well. No lumps should be left. Heat the remaining milk in a pan, add sugar and bring it to boil. 

Custard Jelly Recipe
Boil milk and add sugar

Once boiled add in the custard powder mix while stirring continuously. Boil it for two more minutes and turn off the gas.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Add custard mix 

Keep it stirring else a layer would be formed on the custard. Keep in the the fridge to chill.

Once chilled (after an hour) mix in the chopped mixed fruits.

Add in the chopped mixed fruits

By this time the jelly in the dessert bowl would be set. Now put in the custard with mixed fruits with the help of a spoon. Fill the glass leaving some space for the last jelly layer.

Form second layer of custard

Then again make the jelly as per the instructions given and pour it on the custard layer to form the final layer. Again keep it at room temperature for the jelly to set. 

Custard Jelly Recipe
Form third layer of jelly

Top it with fresh cream and grapes. Refrigerate it and serve chilled.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Custard Jelly Recipe


Do not keep the custard at room temperature for long as it would form a layer on the top.

Pour the custard with the spoon to avoid making the dessert bowl dirty.

Also while pouring the top jelly layer, pour it carefully and slowly with a spoon or it might get mixed with the custard.

The three colorful layers and its topping makes it mesmerizing and so tempting that no one could resist having it.

Its fun making it and when you have its first spoon, the blast of all the different flavors of fruits, jelly and custard would make you go food-a-licious.

At the last, as I always say try it for your loved ones and write in your experiences and suggestions to me via comments.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This recipe is loaded with lots of nutrients, taste, sweetness and look wise its just mouthwatering, a ten on ten recipe. It will definitely make you go food-a-licious this summer season. 

Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda
Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda

While making this Mixed Fruit Falooda, you need not be perfect in the measurements of the ingredients. It all depends on your own taste. Like if you want it to be less sweet, cut down the sugar. Add in the fruits and nuts which go well with your taste. I have used the raspberry jelly and the vanilla ice cream, you can use whichever you like. 

The quantity of the ingredients I have mentioned in the list would serve for 2. It also depends on the size of your glass.

I have used Weikfield Rasberry Jelly and set it as per the instructions given on it. Make the falooda noodles as mentioned on the packet.


2 Cups Milk

1/4 cup rose syrup

1/4 cup Chopped Mixed Fruits (black and green grapes, pomegranate, kiwi)

1/4 cup Chopped Dry Fruits ( raisins, cashewnuts, pistachios, almonds, walnut)

1/2 cup Jelly cubes

1/2 cup Falooda Noodles (cornflour vermicelli)

4 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

1/4 cup Basil Seeds (Sabja seeds) soaked


Firstly boil milk in a pan and reduce it to half.

Then add sugar in it. Keep it in the refrigerator to cool. Then add rose syrup in it and mix it well to get the beautiful pink color. Keep it aside.

In a glass first put a layer of jelly cubes and add some rose syrup to it.

Then add some falooda noodles to it followed by a layer of mixed fruits.

Next would be the basil (sabja) seeds and again some noodles on it.

Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda
Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda

Add a little milk with rose syrup, it should reach to the bottom of the glass but do not fill the whole glass.

Then add a scoop of Ice cream to it followed by some more milk.

Then one more scoop of ice cream. And top this ice cream scoop with some chopped dry fruits, jelly and pomegranate seeds.

And here your Mixed Fruit Falooda Ice Cream is ready to be enjoyed in this hot weather.

Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda
Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Falooda


Keep the glass in the refrigerator to chill before starting with the recipe.

If you want it to be less sweet do not add sugar in milk. The rose syrup itself would make the milk a bit sweet.

Make this delicious recipe of Mixed Fruit Falooda and enjoy it with your family, loved ones and specially your kids. And do not forget to write in your suggestions and experiences via comments.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Matar Paneer is the most common dish of North India made by almost all the North Indian families. The color combination of the green peas and paneer in onion and tomato gravy itself is a visual treat and the softness and richness of paneer makes the dish worth trying.

Matar Paneer Recipe
Matar Paneer Recipe

I make matar paneer very often. I like to keep it simple and light, but if one wants to make it more rich then add in the cashewnut paste along with the tomato paste.

So let us begin with the ingredients 


1/2 kg Green Peas

200 gms Paneer (cottage cheese cubes)

1/4 Cup Oil

1/4 tsp Ginger (paste)

1/4 tsp Garlic (paste)

1/4 cup onion (paste)

1/4 cup Tomato (paste)

1/4 tsp Jeera (Cumin Seeds)

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tbsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder

1/4 tsp Punjabi Garam Masala powder

1/4 tsp Coriander powder

1 tbsp Coriander leaves (finely chopped)

Salt to taste


Heat oil in a pan. Fry the paneer (cottage cheese) cubes till the edges turn golden brown. Keep them aside.

Matar Paneer Recipe
Fry paneer 

In the same oil add jeera.

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add Jeera

When Jeera starts releasing its aroma add in onion, ginger and garlic paste. 

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add onion, ginger,garlic paste

Mix it  well. Cook it till the paste turns into beautiful golden brown color. Now add salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and mix well. 

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add salt, turmeric and red chilli pwd

Cook it for a minute and then add the tomato paste. Mix well and cook for another 5 minutes or until the tomato paste is properly incorporated into the masala.

Add tomato paste

Then put the punjabi garam masala and coriander powder and mix well. 

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add punjabi garam masala and coriander powder

Then add in some water as per the required consistency. Simmer it on medium flame till the gravy is properly cooked. It would take around 5 to 7 minutes. 

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add water and cook

Then add the green peas and paneer (cottage cheese) cubes and mix well.

Add paneer and green peas

Now finally put in the chopped coriander.

Matar Paneer Recipe
Add chopped coriander

Serve it hot with Roti, Naan, Rice or pulao. Well, I like it with plain steamed rice. 

Matar Paneer Recipe
Matar Paneer Recipe


Cook the masala on low to medium flame till the masala leaves oil and does not stick to your pan.

Use fresh paneer to get the desired taste.

Do not add more of Punjabi Garam Masala as it would spoil the taste.

To make it more spicy add some green chillies along with onion while making its paste.

You can add more water if more gravy is needed.

Make this delicious and healthy matar paneer for lunch or dinner and enjoy it with your family and loved ones.

Go food-a-licious with this matar paneer recipe and share your experiences and suggestions with me via comments.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Now, this cake is one such recipe that even the kids can try their hands on. It is made using very simple ingredients that are available in everyone's kitchen. I used to enjoy making and having it along with my younger brother when we were in school. We used to make two of these one only for him and me.. and the other for the rest of the family lol..

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Okay, so let us just know a bit about the ingredients. Firstly, yes, the biscuits ofcourse. Then we have the sugar, we need sugar for the icing. Icing sugar is always preferred but not to worry, you can use the simple powdered sugar. If you don't even have that, then, grind the granulated sugar and powder it. Next comes cocoa powder, if you dont have the cocoa powder, then keep the icing white or add in some color if available, Kids are gonna love it with any essence. 

Then comes in the fresh cream, again, if you dont have it, relax, take some unsalted butter. I have used home made white butter. So, lets begin with the recipe and first the ingredients..


30 Marie Biscuits

1 cup Water

2 tbsp Coffee powder

1/2 cup Home made White Butter

1 Cup Icing Sugar

1/4 cup  Cocoa Powder

2 to 3 drops Vanilla Essence


Firstly we will prepare the icing as it needs to rest in the fridge for 30 mins before applying.

So take the white butter in a bowl. The butter should be at room temperature. 

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Take butter

Now add in the sieved sugar and cocoa powder. 

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Add sieved cocoa powder and sugar

Mix well till it becomes light and fluffy. And till the sugar is completely dissolved.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Mix well

Keep it in the fridge for about 30 mins. 

Now, in a dish mix well coffee powder in a cup of water.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Mix coffee powder in water

Then dip one biscuit in it and place it on a plate with aluminium foil on it. 

Dip biscuit and place it on a plate

Then, dip the second biscuit in coffee water and place it on the first one.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Dip the second biscuit


Do the same for all the 30 biscuit and make a tower.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Do same for all the biscuits

Now, take the icing and apply all over the biscuit tower. No need for professional finishing of icing. Keep it messy, it looks good. Keep it in the freezer for an hour to make the icing firm.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Apply Icing

Then after an hour when the icing is firm enough to handle, keep the biscuit tower in horizontal position so that the icing could be applied to the base.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Apply icing to base

After applying the icing to the base again keep it in the fridge for the icing to set.

Then cut the biscuit cake into slices by cutting with the knife at 30 degrees as shown in the picture below.  

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Slice the biscuit cake

And your yummy delicious marie biscuit cake is ready.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake


The consistency of the icing should not be very runny else it will not set.

Do not leave the biscuit in coffee water for long else the biscuit would become very soft and get dissolved.

To get the desired consistency of icing if needed add some milk.

Go Food-a-licious with this very easy to make instant Marie Biscuit Cake with your loved ones and specially with your kids.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Enjoy it and do not forget to share your experiences and suggestions with me via comments.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It is a very authentic recipe of Punjabi Cuisine. Punjabi Chole, a North Indian Delicacy, which includes masalas which are very specific. I have heard people saying "yaar waisa nahi bana... jaisa Punjab me banta hai". Its because people of Punjab are known to put their endless love in all the dishes they cook. This is the reason I always say, if, you want to cook, then cook with all your heart and love. 

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Punjabi Chole Recipe

And yes, there are also some special ingredients which makes this Punjabi Chole different from the other chole dishes. Firstly, the tea leaves, which gives the Punjabi Chole dish the perfect color. One can either use tea bags or put some tea leaves in a muslin cloth and tie it like a potli. Add it while boiling chole. 

Also I have added some ajwain (carom seeds) to avoid digestion issues. So now, even if u have gas problems, you can still enjoy these Punjabi Chole.

So let us look at the ingredients I have used for making these Punjabi Chole. 


1/2 Kg Kabuli Chana (soaked overnight)

1 Cup Onion paste

2 tsp Garlic paste

2 tsp Ginger paste

2 to 3 Green Chillies

2 to 4 Tejpatta (Bay Leaf)

1 tbsp Jeera (Cumin Seeds)

1 tbsp Tea Leaves

2 tsp Punjabi Garam Masala

2 tbsp Amchur powder (Dry Mango Powder)

2 tbsp Dhania powder

2 tbsp Red Chilli powder

1/2 tsp Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

1/4 cup Oil

Salt to taste


Firstly soak the Kabuli chole/ Chana overnight.

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Soak Chole overnight

Then take it in a cooker and add water to the level above the chole/chana. Also add some salt to it. Now take tea leaves and put them in a muslin cloth and tie it like a potli. Put it in the cooker along with chole/chana, salt and water.

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Presure Cook Chole 

Then let it cook on high flame till one whistle and then on medium flame for 10 minutes. Keep it aside. Look how beautifully the chole has absorbed the tea color.

Chole after pressure cook

Now let us start with the masala preparation. For that, heat oil in a pan. Then add Jeera and bay leaves to it.

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Heat oil and add jeera and bay leaves

When Jeera and bay leaves starts releasing their aroma add in onion, ginger and garlic paste. Mix it  well. Then add Ajwain to it and mix well. Cook it till the paste turns into beautiful golden brown color. 

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Add onion, ginger, garlic paste and ajwain

This is the time when you will add all the powder ingredients salt, red chilli powder, amchur powder, dhania powder, punjabi garam masala powder and mix well. 

Punjabi Chole Recipe
Add all the powdered ingredients

Let it cook. Also add some water to it as the masala would now be very dry. Add water from the boiled chole/chana. Mix the water into the masala very well and then add the chole/chana. Do no add the water now, only add the chole/chana. Mix well.

Punjabi Chole Masala
Add chole to masala

Then add green chillies to it.

Punjabi Chole Masala
Add green chillies

Now add water as per the required consistency and let it simmer for about five more minutes on medium flame.

Punjabi Chole Masala
Punjabi Chole Masala

And now to add some more aroma and flavor to the dish, dry roast some cumin seeds and powder them. Add it to the Punjabi chole just before serving and mix it well. 
Add freshly prepared jeera powder

Then add chopped coriander to it.

Punjabi Chole Masala
Add chopped coriander

So here your Authentic mouth watering Punjabi Chole are ready. You can have it any Indian bread of your choice. But we all know Punjabi Chole are best teamed with Bhature. 

Punjabi Chole Masala
Punjabi Chole Recipe


If you have not soaked the chole overnight, then while boiling add a pinch of soda. Cook on high flame till one whistle and then for 20 mins on medium flame.

Do not add turmeric. As we will not get the desired color.

That all Foodies...Go food-a-licious with these Punjabi Chole with your family and loved ones.

And do not forget to share your experiences and suggestions via comments...