Wednesday, March 22, 2017

 I always find some unique ways to present my dish. As I believe that a good presentation can make a very simple dish look amazing and outstanding. My today's recipe is based on the same belief. The Custard And Jelly, its a very simple dessert made and loved by almost everyone. One can make it healthier by adding in some mixed fruits.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Custard Jelly Recipe

A very easy recipe with a unique presentation.  If you are using unflavored custard then add in some vanilla essence. Lets begin with the recipe starting with the ingredients


1/2 litre Milk

2 tbsp  Custard Powder

2 tbsp Sugar

Jelly one packet 90 gms

1/2 cup chopped mixed fruits


Firstly make half the packet of jelly as mentioned on its box. Pour in the dessert bowls to form a layer as shown in the pic below. Keep it at room temperature to set.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Form a jelly layer

Take custard powder in a bowl and mix some milk in it. Mix it well. No lumps should be left. Heat the remaining milk in a pan, add sugar and bring it to boil. 

Custard Jelly Recipe
Boil milk and add sugar

Once boiled add in the custard powder mix while stirring continuously. Boil it for two more minutes and turn off the gas.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Add custard mix 

Keep it stirring else a layer would be formed on the custard. Keep in the the fridge to chill.

Once chilled (after an hour) mix in the chopped mixed fruits.

Add in the chopped mixed fruits

By this time the jelly in the dessert bowl would be set. Now put in the custard with mixed fruits with the help of a spoon. Fill the glass leaving some space for the last jelly layer.

Form second layer of custard

Then again make the jelly as per the instructions given and pour it on the custard layer to form the final layer. Again keep it at room temperature for the jelly to set. 

Custard Jelly Recipe
Form third layer of jelly

Top it with fresh cream and grapes. Refrigerate it and serve chilled.

Custard Jelly Recipe
Custard Jelly Recipe


Do not keep the custard at room temperature for long as it would form a layer on the top.

Pour the custard with the spoon to avoid making the dessert bowl dirty.

Also while pouring the top jelly layer, pour it carefully and slowly with a spoon or it might get mixed with the custard.

The three colorful layers and its topping makes it mesmerizing and so tempting that no one could resist having it.

Its fun making it and when you have its first spoon, the blast of all the different flavors of fruits, jelly and custard would make you go food-a-licious.

At the last, as I always say try it for your loved ones and write in your experiences and suggestions to me via comments.

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