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Now, this cake is one such recipe that even the kids can try their hands on. It is made using very simple ingredients that are available in everyone's kitchen. I used to enjoy making and having it along with my younger brother when we were in school. We used to make two of these one only for him and me.. and the other for the rest of the family lol..

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Okay, so let us just know a bit about the ingredients. Firstly, yes, the biscuits ofcourse. Then we have the sugar, we need sugar for the icing. Icing sugar is always preferred but not to worry, you can use the simple powdered sugar. If you don't even have that, then, grind the granulated sugar and powder it. Next comes cocoa powder, if you dont have the cocoa powder, then keep the icing white or add in some color if available, Kids are gonna love it with any essence. 

Then comes in the fresh cream, again, if you dont have it, relax, take some unsalted butter. I have used home made white butter. So, lets begin with the recipe and first the ingredients..


30 Marie Biscuits

1 cup Water

2 tbsp Coffee powder

1/2 cup Home made White Butter

1 Cup Icing Sugar

1/4 cup  Cocoa Powder

2 to 3 drops Vanilla Essence


Firstly we will prepare the icing as it needs to rest in the fridge for 30 mins before applying.

So take the white butter in a bowl. The butter should be at room temperature. 

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Take butter

Now add in the sieved sugar and cocoa powder. 

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Add sieved cocoa powder and sugar

Mix well till it becomes light and fluffy. And till the sugar is completely dissolved.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Mix well

Keep it in the fridge for about 30 mins. 

Now, in a dish mix well coffee powder in a cup of water.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Mix coffee powder in water

Then dip one biscuit in it and place it on a plate with aluminium foil on it. 

Dip biscuit and place it on a plate

Then, dip the second biscuit in coffee water and place it on the first one.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Dip the second biscuit


Do the same for all the 30 biscuit and make a tower.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Do same for all the biscuits

Now, take the icing and apply all over the biscuit tower. No need for professional finishing of icing. Keep it messy, it looks good. Keep it in the freezer for an hour to make the icing firm.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Apply Icing

Then after an hour when the icing is firm enough to handle, keep the biscuit tower in horizontal position so that the icing could be applied to the base.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Apply icing to base

After applying the icing to the base again keep it in the fridge for the icing to set.

Then cut the biscuit cake into slices by cutting with the knife at 30 degrees as shown in the picture below.  

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Slice the biscuit cake

And your yummy delicious marie biscuit cake is ready.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake


The consistency of the icing should not be very runny else it will not set.

Do not leave the biscuit in coffee water for long else the biscuit would become very soft and get dissolved.

To get the desired consistency of icing if needed add some milk.

Go Food-a-licious with this very easy to make instant Marie Biscuit Cake with your loved ones and specially with your kids.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake
Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Enjoy it and do not forget to share your experiences and suggestions with me via comments.

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