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Jaggery Halwa Recipe / How to make jaggery sooji halwa / gur rava sheera. Jaggery halwa recipe with step by step photos and recipe video.

Jaggery Halwa
Jaggery Halwa

Jaggery halwa is a sweet Indian dish containing of semolina (sooji)with some dried fruits and jaggery for sweetness.

Whenever I am in a rush, I go for this jaggery halwa. As it is less time consuming and delicious to the core.

The key element in making this jaggery halwa is the jaggery and ofcourse roasting of semolina. The roasting should be appropriate, as over roasting and less roasting both would deteriorate the taste of the halwa.

Have a look at the recipe video better understanding of the recipe.


½ cup Semolina

½ cup Jaggery powder

¼ cup Ghee

1 cup Water

10 to 12 Cashew nuts (halved)

2 tbsp Almonds (sliced)


Take water in a pan and add jaggery powder to it. 

Stir it on medium heat till the jaggery powder gets completely dissolved. Keep it aside.

Jaggery Halwa
water and jaggery

Jaggery Halwa
jaggery dissolved

In another pan heat ghee and add semolina (sooji) to it.

Jaggery Halwa
heat ghee

Jaggery Halwa
add semolina

Start roasting it on low to medium it. Keep stirring continuously as the semolina (sooji) should not stick to the pan.

Jaggery Halwa
start roasting

Roast it till the semolina (sooji) turns light golden in color. Do not roast more, the semolina (sooji) should not turn brown, else you would end up burning the semolina (sooji).

Jaggery Halwa
semolina turns light golden

Now add in the jaggery water slowly, be careful while adding the water as the mixture would sputter.

Jaggery Halwa
add jaggery water

Next put in the dry fruits.

Jaggery Halwa
add dry fruits

Mix well by stirring continuously. The semolina would start absorbing water and the mixture would gradually become thick.
Jaggery Halwa
absorbs water

Jaggery Halwa
becomes thick

Keep on stirring continuously.

The final consistency and texture should be as shown in the below photo.

Jaggery Halwa
final texture

Garnish it with some more chopped dry fruits and serve hot.

Jaggery Halwa
Jaggery Halwa


Keep stirring continuously to avoid sticking to the pan.

Roasting is must or else the semolina (sooji) would give a raw taste.

Add dry fruits of your choice.

The color of the halwa would vary according to the color of the jaggery.

Do try this food-a-licious for your loved ones and share your experiences with us via comments.

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