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Maida burfi recipe / how to make maida burfi / simple and easy diwali sweet / step by step images / recipe video

Maida Burfi Recipe
Maida Burfi Recipe

Easy Maida burfi recipe with step by step images and a recipe video made from very simple ingredients in jut 20 minutes.

Maida burfi is one such mithai (sweet) which can be made on any festive occasion as it is so simple and easy to make. It takes just 20 minutes including the 5 minutes preparation time.

This maida burfi can be made in different attractive colors of your choice by adding food coloring to it. But I avoid using colors and so have kept it white. To give it an attractive appearance I have added some tutty fruity to it.

The most important step in the recipe is the making the sugar syrup. It has to be made of single thread consistency. Do not miss this consistency as then the burfi would not set.


½ cup Ghee

1 cup Maida (plain flour)

2 cups Sugar

1 cup Water

½ tsp Cardamom powder

½ cup Tutti Frutti


Grease a tray to set the burfi. You can line it with butter paper and keep it ready.

In a pan heat ghee and lower the heat. 

Maida Burfi Recipe
heat ghee
Add maida and roast it nicely until you get nice aroma without changing its color. It will need 3-4 mins approximately. Keep it aside.

Maida Burfi Recipe
add maida 
Maida Burfi Recipe

Maida Burfi Recipe
keep it aside

Now add sugar and water to a thick pan/kadai. 

Maida Burfi Recipe
add water to sugar

Stir it and let the sugar dissolve completely. 
Maida Burfi Recipe

Maida Burfi Recipe
sugar dissolves

Bring it to boil on  medium flame without stirring much and let it reach ONE string consistency.

Maida Burfi Recipe
bring to boil

Maida Burfi Recipe
one string consistency

To test the consistency of the syrup - dip your fingers in water to avoid burning and touch the back of the ladle using forefinger and press it with thumb. When you try to separate the fingers you can see a single string formation which indicates the correct consistency.

Add the roasted maida. Stir well to get a smooth mixture.

Maida Burfi Recipe
add roasted maida

Maida Burfi Recipe
stir well

Once the mixture becomes smooth enough add cardamom powder followed by tutti frutti and keep stirring until the mixture thickens nicely and starts leaving the pan which indicates that it is ready.

add tutti frutti and cardamom

Maida Burfi Recipe
mixture leaves sides of pan

Quickly transfer the mixture to the lined/greased pan and quickly level it by using a greased cup or spoon.

Maida Burfi Recipe
transfer to greased tray
Maida Burfi Recipe

Leave it aside for sometime and cut into squares while the mixture is still warm.

Maida Burfi Recipe
cut into squares

Store them in an airtight container for upto a week under room temperature.

Maida Burfi Recipe
Maida Burfi Recipe


You can add Vanilla essence instead of cardamom powder.

The most important step in the recipe is single thread consistency of the sugar syrup, do not miss it. If it is crossed the single thread consistency the burfis will become brittle. If you remove it before the single thread consistency the mixture will not thicken on stirring.

If you like you can add any color of your choice.

Dry fruits can also be added.

Make this food-a-licious maida burfi for your loved ones this festive season and write in your experiences via comments.

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