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Punjabi Meethi Mathri / how to make Punjabi sweet mathri / wheat flour mathri / step by step images / recipe video

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
Punjabi Meethi Mathri 

Punjabi sweet mathri is a very traditional and healthy recipe of North India. I wasn’t aware of these mathris till my hubby highlighted them. Actually he has taught me how to make it and its really very easy and less time consuming.

It is made using wheat flour and jaggery. Also some fennel seeds are used to enhance the flavor. I have used fennel seeds powder you can also add fennel seeds as whole.

These mathris are a bit hard not soft as the namkeen mathris, which I have already posted. In these meethi mathris you need to add just 2 tbsps of ghee per cup of flour. If you add more of ghee these meethi mathris would turn soft. So I would suggest you to stick to the quantities mentioned. You can definitely double the recipe.

Since these Punjabi meethi mathris are made of wheat flour and jaggery they are brown in color.

Ingredients: ( Makes 15 Punjabi Meethi Mathris)

1 cup Wheat flour

½ cup Jaggery powder

¼ cup Water

1 tsp Fennel Seeds powder

2 tbsp Ghee

Oil for frying


Take a pan.

In a pan take ½ cup jaggery and ¼ cup water.
take jaggery and water in a pan

Stir on medium heat till the jaggery dissolves completely.

jaggery dissolves

Strain it and keep aside.

In a bowl take 1 cup wheat flour, 1 tsp fennel seeds powder, 2 tbsp ghee and mix well.

take the other ingredients in bowl

Then form a well in the centre of the mixture. 

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
make a well

Add the strained jaggery solution in parts.

add jaggery syrup in parts

Knead it to form a stiff dough.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
stiff dough

Now take half the portion of the dough, flatten it and roll into a thick big circle.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
take half the dough
Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
roll into a thick circle

Take a round cutter or a glass place it on the rolled out dough and press.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
cut circles with glass

Cut the circles as many can fit in the rolled out dough.

Now lift over and remove the leftover dough and use it for the next batch.

remove the leftover dough

Prick holes with the help of a fork. This is done as we want the meethi mathris to be flat and not like puris.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
prick holes with fork

Likewise cut and prick mathris of the whole dough. The thickness should be as shown in the image below.

desired thickness

Now heat oil in a pan.

And slide these mathris into hot oil and then reduce the heat to medium. The oil should not be so hot that the mathris would burn. Also do not overcrowd the mathris in the pan.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
slide mathris in hot oil

Flip and fry till they turn nice golden brown and crisp.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
golden and crisp
Drain on kitchen tissue to remove the excess oil.

drain on kitchen tissue

Punjabi Meethi Mathris are ready to serve.

Punjabi Meethi Mathri Recipe
Punjabi Meethi Mathri 


Recipe can be doubled.

Fry on medium heat.

Fennel seeds can be used instead of its powder.

Do try this food-a-licious Punjabi Meethi Mathri for your family and friends and let us know your experience via comments.

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