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Punjabi Mathri Recipe / How to make Punjabi Namkeen Mathri /  namkeen mathri recipe / step by step images / recipe video

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
 Punjabi Mathri Recipe 

Mathri is a very common and popular tea time snack in the north india. It is generally made during diwali as a namkeen snack.

But my muma would make it any time as it is still a standard tea time snack of my family. My muma always teams these namkeen mathris with shakar pare, the recipe of which I would be uploading soon.

The mathris actually are thick but I like them a bit thin and crispy and hence made the same way. But you can keep them thick when rolling the mathris. If you are trying it for the first time, then I would suggest make half the batch thick and the latter thin. Then you would understand the difference and also your liking so you can make them accordingly the next time.

While preparing its dough the most important is the amount of ghee to be added. I have it very clearly in the video and also in the images below. The quantity of ghee should be such that when u press the mixture in your hand it should be able to hold itself and form a lump.

If the ghee is less added then the mathris would become hard, if added more then you won’t be able to even hold, it would be so soft. So be careful while adding ghee.

Further you can watch it in the recipe video


1 cup Plain flour ( maida)

¼ cup Ghee

1 tsp Black pepper crushed

1 tsp Carom seeds (ajwain)

2 tbsp Water



Take a bowl.

Add 1 cup plain flour, 1 tsp Black pepper crushed, 1 tsp Carom seeds (ajwain), salt, ¼ cup ghee and mix well.

add flour, black pepper, ajwain, salt ghee, mix well

After mixing press the mixture in your palm. A lump should be formed as shown in the pic. The mixture should be able to hold itself without falling apart.

lump should be formed

Now add in 2 tbsp of water. Mix and knead to form a stiff dough. The dough should be stiff then your regular one used to make chapattis

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
add water
 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
knead into a dough

Cover it with a moist cloth and keep it aside for about 15 minutes.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
cover and let it rest for 15 min

After 15 minutes knead the dough again.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
knead again

Then take a small ball of dough, flatten with your palms and roll it into small disc.

take a small portion of dough

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe


It would not be rolled into a proper circle.
Prick it at 4 to 5 places with the help of a fork because we want it flat and not like a puri.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
prick with fork
 Punjabi Mathri Recipe

Likewise roll and prick all the mathris.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
make all the mathris

Now heat oil in a pan.

And slide these mathris into hot oil and then reduce the heat to medium. The oil should not be so hot that the mathris would burn. Also do not overcrowd the mathris in the pan.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
slide mathris into oil

Flip and fry till they turn nice golden brown and crisp.

golden and crisp

Punjabi Mathris are ready to serve.

 Punjabi Mathri Recipe
 Punjabi Mathri Recipe 


The quantity of ghee should be adequate. Less would make them hard and excess would make them over soft.

Whole peppercorns can also be used.

Fry on medium heat

Do try this food-a-licious Punjabi mathri for your family and friends and let us know your experience via comments.

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