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Shakar pare is a very popular and common north Indian sweet which is coated with crystallized sugar and flaky from inside. It is generally made during diwali.

Punjabi Shakar Pare Recipe

But my whole family is a fan of these shakar pare and so muma makes it very often along with namkeen mathri the recipe which I shared a few days back.

A very easy recipe with simple ingredients. I have used orange red food color which is optional, so you can skip. It however gives a more tempting look.

While preparing its dough the most important is the amount of ghee to be added. I have shown it very clearly in the video and also in the images below. The quantity of ghee should be such that when u press the mixture in your hand it should be able to hold itself and form a lump.

Once the sugar syrup is ready you have to be quick and keep on mixing the shakar pare with the sugar. The sugar syrup crystallizes soon so you have to be careful. If you do not keep on stirring the shakar pare would stick to one another and form a lump.

Also you can add the rose essence in the sugar syrup once it is done. However I have added it after putting in the shakar pare.


For dough

1 cup Plain flour (maida)

¼ cup Ghee

3 tbsp Water

A dash of Orange Red food color

Sugar syrup:

1 cup Sugar

¼ cup Water

1 tsp Rose essence


Firstly in a bowl take 3 tbsp of water, add color to it, mix well and keep it aside. 

I would suggest you to take ¼ cup of water, because in case if you need more you would have it in hand.

Punjabi Shakar Pare Recipe
add color in water and mix

In a bowl take 1 cup plain flour, ¼ cup ghee and mix well.

Punjabi Shakar Pare Recipe
add ghee to plain flour

After mixing press the mixture in your palm. A lump should be formed as shown in the image. The mixture should be able to hold itself without falling apart.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
lump should be formed

Now add in 3 tbsp of water. 

 Shakar Pare Recipe
add water in parts

Add more if you need, for me the said quantity was enough. Mix and knead to form a stiff dough. The dough should be stiff then your regular one used to make chapattis

 Shakar Pare Recipe
stiff dough

Cover it with a moist cloth and keep it aside for about 15 minutes.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
cover and let it rest

After 15 minutes knead the dough again.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
knead again

Now take the dough, flatten it and roll it into a thick circle.

roll into thick circle
Seal the cracks as then we would get nice shaped pieces all over.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
seal the cracks

With the help of a knife cut the rolled out dough into small squares.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
cut into small squares

The desired thickness is shown in the image below.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
desired thickness

Now heat oil in a pan.

And slide these raw shakar pare into hot oil and then reduce the heat to medium. The oil should not be so hot that the shakar pare would burn. Also do not overcrowd the shakar pare in the pan.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
slide in hot oil

Flip and fry till they are crisp and evenly cooked. They should not turn dark in color.

 Shakar Pare Recipe
crisp and light in color

Drain them on the kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.

Shakar Pare Recipe
Drain on kitchen tissue

Take one shakar para and break it into two pieces. Layers should be seen, this indicates that the shakar pare are evenly cooked. 

Shakar Pare Recipe
evenly cooked

Now we have to make the sugar syrup.

In a pan take 1 cup sugar and ¼ cup water.

Shakar Pare Recipe
take sugar and water in a pan

Stir on medium heat. The sugar will start dissolving.

Shakar Pare Recipe
sugar dissolves

Let it simmer and reach ONE string consistency. You find a layer of sugar depositing at the sides of the pan. At this time the sugar syrup would be sticky.

Shakar Pare Recipe
one string consistency

To test the consistency of the syrup - dip your fingers in water to avoid burning and touch the back of the ladle using forefinger and press it with thumb. When you try to separate the fingers you can see a single string formation which indicates the correct consistency.

Turn off the heat. You can add the rose essence at this stage.

Now quickly put in the shakar pare followed by rose essence. Now start mixing and coating the shakar pare with the sugar syrup.

Shakar Pare Recipe
add shakar pare and rose essence

The sugar syrup crystallizes soon so you have to be careful. If you do not keep on stirring the shakar pare would stick to one another and form a lump.

Shakar Pare Recipe
ready to serve

Within a minute the sugar syrup will crystallize and you would get your delicious and mouth melting shakar pare to serve and eat.

Punjabi Shakar Pare Recipe
Punjabi Shakar Pare Recipe


The quantity of ghee should be adequate. Less would make them hard and excess would make them over soft.

Do not miss the one string consistency of sugar syrup, else the sugar syrup would not crystallize.

Fry on medium heat.

You can skip adding color.

While kneading the dough add water as needed.

Do try this food-a-licious Punjabi Shakar Pare for your family and friends and let us know your experience via comments.

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