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Meetha paratha recipe / how to make meetha paratha (sugar paratha/ meethi chapati), detailed recipe of meetha paratha with step by step images, recipe video of meetha paratha

Meetha paratha recipe
Meetha paratha recipe

Sugar paratha or meetha paratha or meethi chapati is a very easy sweet dish which can be made in very few minutes and without any prior preparation.

For me meetha paratha has always been a savior whenever any of my family members say kuch meetha ho jaye and I have nothing in hand. Same as the other stuffed parathas this meetha paratha is also a stuffed one but with sugar filling. I also add in a dash of cinnamon powder to enhance its flavor and taste. But it is completely optional, you can skip it.

Ingredients: (5 Parathas)

I cup Wheat Flour

Water as required

¼ cup Sugar

1 tsp Cinnamon powder (optional)

Ghee for frying


We will begin with the dough.

Knead a smooth dough by mixing wheat flour and water.

Meetha paratha recipe
Meetha paratha recipe
add water

Meetha paratha recipe
knead a dough

Then add a tablespoon of ghee and again knead it to make the dough smooth.

Meetha paratha recipe
add ghee

make a smooth dough

Roll a small portion into a ball and flatten by applying dry flour.

Meetha paratha recipe
roll into ball

Meetha paratha recipe

Apply ½ tsp ghee followed by sugar.

Meetha paratha recipe
apply ghee

Then sprinkle cinnamon powder on it.

Meetha paratha recipe
cinnamon powder

Seal the edges completely so that the sugar stuffing does not come out.

Meetha paratha recipe
seal the edges
Make a potli and remove the extra dough on top if any.
Meetha paratha recipe
remove extra dough

Sprinkle some flour, flatten and roll it into a circle.

Meetha paratha recipe
roll into circle

Heat the tawa.

Place the paratha on the tawa.

Meetha paratha recipe
place paratha

Cook on medium flame for about two minutes. Apply ghee and flip it.

Meetha paratha recipe
apply ghee

Apply 1/2 tbsp ghee on the other side as well.

Meetha paratha recipe
flip and apply ghee

Let the first side fry for about a min and then flip.

Press gently with a spatula.

Flip and fry till both the sides turn crisp and golden brown. 

Meetha paratha recipe
crisp and brown

Meetha Paratha is ready to serve.

Meetha paratha recipe
serve hot

I always like to have it with some fresh milk cream (malai) with a few drops of honey drizzled on it.

Meetha paratha recipe
Meetha paratha recipe


Cook on medium to low flame to avoid burning of the paratha.

Add sugar as per your taste.

Do not roll the paratha very thin else the paratha would break and the sugar would come out and get caramelized or even burnt.

Do try this food-a-licious recipe of Meetha Paratha or Sugar Paratha or Meethi Chapati for your family and friends and let us know your experiences via comments.

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