Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Tomato Chutney
Tomato Chutney 

It’s a very easy to make chutney with extremely simple ingredients. It has tomato as the main ingredient with coriander leaves ground into it flavored with some cloves of garlic to give it a unique flavor.

My muma always used to make this with the pulao and it used to taste appetizing. Not only pulao this can also be made with pakodas to enhance their taste.

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2 Tomatoes

Handful of Coriander leaves

2 Green Chillies

3 Garlic Cloves



Take all the ingredients and grind them into a coarse paste.

Tomato Chutney
take all the ingredients

Tomato Chutney
grind into a coarse paste

The lip-smacking  and mouth-watering tomato coriander is ready to enjoy.

Tomato Chutney
Tomato Chutney 

Have this tomato coriander chutney with pulao or pakodas to make them more scrumptious.


Take fully ripe red tomatoes.

Add some dry mango powder (amchur powder) for extra sourness.

Add in some more green chillies to make it more spicy.

Do try this food-a-licious Tomato Chutney for your family and loved ones and share your experiences with us via comments.

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