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Amritsari Khatte Chole

As the name suggests my today’s recipe is a north Indian dish right from Amritsar. The authentic amritsari chole recipe which is a very popular street food of amritsar having the tangy flavor of tamarind and most importantly is cooked without oil. Yes, you read it right, it’s a zero oil recipe. Very light and full of flavors.

I have learnt this recipe from my mother in law. As she is born and raised in Amritsar, she is a master in every bit of amritsari food recipes.

Firstly the chickpeas also known as kabuli chana are soaked overnight in sufficient water.
Then are boiled and later flavored with some typical north Indian spices.

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1 cup Chickpeas

3 ½ cups Water

1 Onion (finely chopped)

1 inch Ginger (sliced)

¼ cup Tamarind pulp

2 Green Chillies (cut into half)

1 tsp Red Chilli powder

1 tsp Garam Masala powder

1 tbsp Kasuri Methi

1 tsp Cumin seeds (dry roasted and crushed)

1 tbsp Coriander (chopped)



Firstly take 1 cup of chickpeas wash them and soak them in enough water overnight.  Add enough water as the chickpeas would increase in size after being soaked.

Take tamarind as per your taste and soak it in ¼ th cup of water. By the time the chickpeas would be cooked the tamarind would also be soaked.

Take a cooker, turn on the heat and add the soaked chickpeas in to it followed by 3 ½ cups water, 1 inch ginger sliced and salt as per your taste. Mix well.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
add chickpeas, ginger, salt

Bring it to boil.

Amritsari Khatte Chole

Then close the lid of the cooker and let it pressure cook for 20 minutes on low heat.
In the meanwhile dry roast cumin seeds and crush them. I always use freshly roasted cumin seeds as they add immense flavor to the dish.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
pressure cook for 20 min

Also, by this time the tamarind would be ready for making pulp. Just mash it with your hands and the tamarind would release all its pulp.

Let the pressure release by itself and then open the cooker. The chickpeas would be cooked by now.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
open the cooker

Next step is to add the tamarind pulp and green chillies. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes so that the tamarind pulp gets completely incorporated with the chickpeas.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
add tamarind pulp and green chillies

Amritsari Khatte Chole
simmer 5 min
After 5 minutes add in 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp garam masala powder, 1 tbsp Kasuri methi, 1 onion chopped and mix well.

add red chilli pwd, garam masala pwd, kasuri methi, onion

Now put in the freshly roasted and crushed cumin seeds and chopped coriander leaves. Give it a final mix.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
add cumin, coriander and mix

The amritsari khatte chole are ready.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
Amritsari Khatte Chole are ready

Serve them hot with puris, kulcha, naan, roti or even plain steamed rice.

Amritsari Khatte Chole
Amritsari Khatte Chole 


Use freshly dry roasted and crushed cumin seeds.

Add tamarind pulp as per your taste and requirement.

Do try this food-a-licious amritsari khatte chole and let us know your experience via comments

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