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Mawa burfi or khoya burfi as the name suggests is made up of mawa also known as khoya. I have made this burfi with the instant homemade khoya pooled with sugar, some nuts with the zest of cardamom makes this admired sweet delicacy.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi

Care need to be taken while preparing it as it burns very quickly so always keep the heat low. Also if the khoya you are using is hard then you would need to add more milk. Other tips are mentioned in the tips section after the method.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi

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1 ½ cup Khoya (mawa) grated

¼ cup Sugar

1 tsp Cardamom powder

¼ cup Milk

Sliced Pistachios for garnishing


Firstly take a dish in which we would set the burfi.

Grease it nicely. If you have a parchment paper or butter paper you can also use that.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
grease a dish

In a pan take grated khoya (mawa), sugar and cardamom powder.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
khoya, sugar , cardamom powder in  a pan

Mix well and then add ¼ cup milk.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
add milk

The sugar would start to melt and soon it will completely be dissolved. The mixture will turn runny and have a thin consistency.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
sugar starts to melt
Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
sugar dissolved

At this stage you would find the bubbles appear. Now the mixture would start thickening.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
bubbles appear

After 4 to 5 minutes the mixture would start leaving the sides of the pan.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
leaves the sides of pan

At this time turn off the heat. If you continue to cook the burfi would become sticky, hard and chewy.

Now transfer the burfi mixture into the greased tray and level it with a greased spatula. Greasing the spatula is important else the burfi mixture would stick to the spatula.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi

Garnish it with sliced pistachios and gently press them with a dry spatula so that the pistachios would not come out from the burfi once cooled.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi

Let it cool at room temperature.

Now cut the burfi into squares. Grease the knife as well for smooth cutting.

Mawa Burfi or Khoya Burfi
cut into squares

Mawa Burfi or Khoya burfi is ready to serve.


Add more milk if the khoya you used is hard.

More sugar can be added as per your taste.

Use a greased spatula to level the burfi for setting.

Use a dry spatula to gently press the dry fruits on the burfi.

You can use dry fruits of your choice.

The heat should be low throughout.

Keep on stirring constantly.

This festival go food-a-licious with this very easy and instant mawa burfi or khoya burfi and let me your experiences via comments.

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