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Moong dal halwa / how to make moong dal halwa with step by step images and recipe video.

Moong dal halwa

It is a rich yet delightful sweet from the state of Rajasthan. The perfect method how to make Moong Dal Halwa, The Rich and delicious moong dal halwa takes some time to get ready but the end result is well worth all the effort. A favorite Indian sweet made with yellow lentils, ghee, sugar and nuts.
Moong dal halwa
Moong dal halwa 

It is excellent yummy, just melts-in-your-mouth, heavenly flavor, and every bite that you take in, leaves you longing for more.

It is a easy recipe but yes it is time consuming so one needs to have patience. It takes time in cooking the moong dal, that is to turn it from yellow to brown. The main ingredients used are of the same quantity like the amount of ghee, moong dal, sugar and water is the same.

Also its procedure is very interesting. Firstly the moong dal along with the ghee would give you a paste look then it would form a lump, further breakdowns and looks crumbly. The whole procedure takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

The other points to be considered are mentioned in the tips section after the method.

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1 cup Split Green gram lentils (moong dal)

1 cup Ghee

1 cup Sugar

1 cup Water

1 tsp Cardamom powder

10 Pistachios

10 Almonds


Take moong dal in a bowl. Wash yellow Moong Dal until the water runs clear.

Moong dal halwa
take dal

Soak it for 3 to 4 hours.

Moong dal halwa
soaked dal

Drain the water. The dal (lentils) when pressed should be broken easily.

Moong dal halwa
breaks easily

Grind it to a coarse paste without adding water. Do not grind it smooth. When rubbed in between fingers it should feel coarse and not smooth.

Moong dal halwa
grind to coarse paste

Heat ghee in a nonstick pan. Non stick is to be used as the dal would stick to the other pan and would make the cooking very tough.

Put in 1 tbsp Semolina (rava) and sauté it till golden brown. It gives a nice texture to the halwa.

Moong dal halwa
heat ghee and add semolina

Add dal and start sauteing. We have to cook this moong dal till the raw aroma goes away.

Moong dal halwa
add dal

Soon the dal with get mixed up with the ghee and form a paste.

Moong dal halwa
forms paste

Keep stirring on low to medium heat. Then this paste would form a lump.

Moong dal halwa
forms lump

Do not stop stirring. Keep on doing it. Soon the lump would break down and would become crumbly.

Moong dal halwa
breaks down

Now it would resemble the sooji (semolina) halwa. Keep on stirring.

Further it would start releasing ghee and turn light brown. Now the raw aroma is also gone. The moong dal is perfectly browned.

Moong dal halwa
releases ghee

Moong dal halwa
turns brown

Now its time to add in water. So put in 1 cup water and mix well.
Moong dal halwa
add water

Once the water is mixed well add in 1 cup sugar.

Moong dal halwa
add sugar

Again mix in the sugar well. Always remember to add sugar after adding the water. As if we put in before water the moong dal halwa would become chewy and hard.

Now further to enhance the flavor  include in 1 tsp cardamom powder and also put in some chopped pista and almond.

Moong dal halwa
add cardamom powder and nuts

Now let it thicken. Keep stirring on low to medium heat.Once the halwa is thickened it is ready to be served.

Moong dal halwa
perfectly cooked

Transfer it to a bowl and garnish with some chopped pistachios.

Moong dal halwa
top with sliced pista

Serve hot.

Moong dal halwa
Moong dal halwa


 Adding semolina gives a nice texture to the moong dal halwa.

Cook on low to medium heat throughout.

The raw smell of moong dal should not remain.

Add nuts of your choice.

Instead of water, milk can also be added.

Do try this food-a-licious, excellent yummy, heavenly flavored mong dal halwa, and you would realise every bite that you take in, leaves you longing for more.

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