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How to cook rice in microwave / microwave rice recipe step by step images and recipe video

microwave rice
microwave rice

Cooking rice in the microwave is cheaper and faster than cooking rice on the stovetop, you’ll need to watch the pot until the water boils, lower the heat, cover the pot,  then set the timer then immediately turn off heat. The strong heat under the container will overdo the rice or create burnt, stuck-in-pot rice that difficult to scuff out.
Microwaved rice looks the same, tastes the same, smells the same and fluffs the same. The top secret to microwaving rice is to add the correct amount of water. Too much water = soggy rice, Too little water = dry rice, Just right water = just right rice. So lets begin with the recipe..

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1 cup Basmati rice

1 ½ cup Water

1 tbsp Ghee

Salt to taste


Take 1 cup of rice.

Wash it thoroughly and soak in enough water for about 15 minutes.

microwave rice
wash and soak

Drain the water.

microwave rice
drain water

Transfer the rice in a microwave safe bowl. Add 11/2 cup of water, 1 tbsp ghee and salt to taste. Stir.
microwave rice
transfer to microwave safe bowl

microwave rice
add water, ghee and salt

Microwave on high power for 10 minutes. Remove from the microwave and let it rest for 5 minutes.

microwave rice
rest for 5 min

Fluff gently with a fork.

microwave rice

microwave rice
Serve hot.

microwave rice
microwave rice


Do not stir the rice at any time during the cooking process.

Time varies as per the microwave voltage.

Take a big enough bowl as the rice would be doubled after cooked.

Try cooking rice in microwave with this recipe and share your experience with us via comments.

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